What Studio Grun jewelry would best suit your horoscope

Jewels make us shine from the inside and out!

Jewels aren't just beautiful, they also have a positive effect on our wellbeing! Gemstones are a wonderful aid that support us in following a positive, highly-energized and pure life. Each gemstone has its own unique qualities and they protect us from certain harmful energies that will affect us negatively. They can bring us good luck and prosperity by increasing the vibrations of our energy fields and clearing out blockages. It is believed that certain gemstones bring luck to certain zodiac signs, and gemstones can supply us with healing energies we require in order to grow and heal in certain aspects of our lives.

Gemstones are known to have been used in royal clothing and garments, and religious buildings and objects to symbolize spiritual power. There are many different birthstone charts that use different combinations of Zodiac signs and gemstones, and these charts are usually determined by different traditions and cultures. Each Zodiac sign has many different gemstones that can be used to manifest its ultimate power.

Just like how gemstones can affect you, the same can be said for metals. You can use metals the same way you use gemstones, and combinations of gemstones and certain metals can provide a powerful talisman! Every crystal has a unique energy and vibration, and every person will react differently to a crystal depending on their own energies.


What Studio Grun jewelry would best suit your sign:


Recommended Gemstone:

    Green Onyx does wonders for clearing the heart chakra. An Aries maintains an immense amount of passion and ambition and having an in tune heart chakra supports them in performing at their utmost best, and expediting their goals. It aids in supplying the wearer with strength, willpower, and discipline. Obedience is a trait they need assistance with, as they can have a shoot now, ask questions later mentality, and don't do well following routines and structures.

    Wearing a necklace with Green onyx is a very powerful tool to open their heart chakra, allowing love and acceptance to become known. It can also assist in bringing one to a calm emotional state, something an Aries might need due to their fiery emotions! It will assist them in being direct and being truthful, and it can even enhance their memory! Increasing confidence, it can give them that extra push they need to face insecurities and to resolve them.

    Recommended Items:




      Taurus is an Earth sign, and these are practical and hardworking people. They need to remain well grounded in order to succeed in their endeavors. Possessing sensual and sensitive qualities, they can also tend to pick up negative vibrations around them and require protection from outside forces. 

      Black Spinel is a very good grounding stone for Taurus, and it aids them in releasing repressed anger and resentment that a Taurus does tend to hold onto. It gives them a sense of power and authority without being too bossy and demanding. It encourages modesty so if there have been problems with overindulgence in some form, Black Spinel can assist with this. It helps release addictions and obsessions and gives you independence.  

      Recommended Items:



        Gemini’s have very broad personalities and they find themselves socializing and interacting with people often. They have a sense of curiosity when it comes to others, and sometimes while they are in the process of interacting they absorb negative energies from others, without realizing it. It is not good for a Gemini to store negative information, therefore, protection from this is suggested.

        Black Opal is a good shield against adverse influences from others. Opal aids in balancing the throat chakra and Gemini is a sign of communication, therefore, it can aid in improving communication style, and bringing the right message across to others. It also aids in communicating your thoughts, emotions, and ideas to others. It assists you in bringing out your true self, and to avoid all kinds of pretentiousness.

        Recommended Items:



          Moonstone is an amazing stone to amplify your intuition and empathetic energies. Cancers have a natural 6th sense when it comes to picking up on the vibrations and energies around them, and making use of Moonstone can bring them divine powers. Moonstone is also connected to the Moon, which rules Cancer, therefore, wearing Moonstone connects you to the energies of the Moon, which you can use to energise yourself.

          It amplifies your emotions, allowing you to feel deeper. Wearing Moonstone at night in the Moonlight will infuse pure white energy into your aura, and cleanse you. If you are having problems with stabilizing your emotions Moonstone is a stone that can help you balance them.

          Recommended Items:

          • Asymmetrical Cuff
          • Marquise Ring
          • Moonstone Peace and Love Stud
          • Moonstone Single Crown Necklace 



            Leo’s have powerful and stable energy. Leo’s love, and are loved. This sign receives everything back that they put out into the world, and the more positive loving energy they put out the more of it they receive! The same applies to negative energy, that is why it is vital for them to avoid negativity.

            Black Onyx is a powerful protection stone that protects one from one's own created negativity and negativity from external sources. The stone transforms negative energy into positive energy, which will be a good aid for a Leo to radiate strength and positivity. It allows them to make the right decisions that put them onto their path of destiny. It rewards them the self discipline they need to succeed, and to move on from pain from the past holding them back.

            Recommended Items:

            • Black Onyx Arc Studs
            • Black Onyx Circle Pelexia Ring
            • Marquise Ring
            • Black Onyx Teardrop Unitary Ring



              Opal connects your crown chakra to the divine wisdom. Virgo’s are usually intelligent, and they can be like walking encyclopedias. They are not always sure how to process the information they have and how to make it useful. Opal is a good stone to calm your thoughts and bring structure to your thinking. Virgos can be very discriminating and tend to apply judgment to almost everything as they can be perfectionistic.

              Opal allows them to have a more open and understanding mind, and to be less judgemental of others. Virgos are also hypercritical of themselves, and Opal can aid them in reaching a level of acceptance and understanding within themselves. It will allow them to communicate all the thoughts they have and turn them into good ideas and concepts. 

              Recommended Items:

              • Asymmetrical Cuff
              • Circle Asymmetrical Studs
              • Crown Ring
              • Opal Triple Drop Necklace



                Libra’s need to constantly balance their scales and they dip from one mood into the other. Labradorite is a good stone for balancing your thoughts and emotions and working through anxiety and crisis. It releases tension and anxiety and replaces it with positive hopeful emotions. It links us to the spiritual world. Libra takes in a lot of information as they are an intelligent sign, however, they have trouble sorting and balancing this information.

                The stone allows the Libra to receive and process the right information and to make good use of it, instead of it just getting lost in a crowd of thoughts. It aids in strengthening their own personal energy and aura in order for psychic vampires not to drain them. Labradorite aids their decision making. If you are stuck between choices, hold a Labradorite in your hand and think of the questions and the answer will come to you.

                Recommended Items:

                • Labradorite single round ring
                • Labradorite Arc Necklace
                • Labradorite Circle Stud
                • Labradorite Arc Ring



                  Tanzanite is a good stone for spiritual growth and exploration. Scorpio is a very introspective sign and their main goal in life is self-mastery. Tanzanite can help them by connecting them to higher realms consciously and subconsciously, and it aids in bringing one to a deep meditative state, thus allowing for ultimate introspection to occur.

                  It brings together what the heart and mind wants, and is a good stone for when they feel conflicted. Scorpio's have ESP and Tanzanite aids in developing their psychic powers. It gifts them clairvoyance and allows them to see into higher realms, and to see the things that are not visible to the eyes. It aids in assisting with communication problems and helps them bring the right message across.

                  Recommended Items: 

                  • Tanzanite Arc Studs
                  • Tanzanite Arc Necklace
                  • Tanzanite Arc Ring



                    Sagittarius is a sign of wisdom, knowledge, and travel. It is said that Iolite is a compass that moves physically and spiritually from one dimension to the next. It is a travelers stone, as you will never get lost while carrying it. Sagittarians are ambitious and have a lot of strength and big personalities. Sometimes external influences can dampen their ambition, and send them into a negative spiral. Iolite helps to motivate a person. 

                    Iolite paired with a motivated Sagittarius can make them unstoppable! It also aids in the management of finances as Sagittarians have a habit to overspend sometimes. Iolite activates the creative, insightful part of your brain and will allow you to explore all kinds of creative facets. It aids in the expression of one's self through music, art, and writing.

                    Recommended Item:

                    • Iolite and Moonstone Circle Asymmetrical Studs 



                      Pink Opal (also known as Peruvian Opal) is a wonderful stone to let go of past emotions and subconscious pain. Many Capricorns have had challenging pasts and have been through heartbreaking situations, and they tend to subconsciously hold on to this. This keeps them from being as happy as they can possibly be, and from growing themselves personally. 

                      Pink Coral will dissolve all the past interactions and relationships that have hurt them, and it helps them to build themselves and to move on from the pain. It is a healing stone for the heart and will heal any pain they keep in their heart. The best way to move on from past emotions is to bring them up and deal with them, and Pink Opal is a wonderful stone for this. This is a good stone for PTSD sufferers.

                      Recommended Items: 

                      • Circle Asymmetrical Studs
                      • Arc Ring
                      • Pink Opal Offset Teardrop Ring
                      • Pink Opal Arc Necklace



                        This stone has an interesting origin story. Medusa used to be beautiful but Athena made her into a hideous creature, with snakes for hair. Medusa could turn anyone to stone with her eyes, but when she died, her blood produced a healing gemstone as beautiful as she used to be.

                        Coral represents taking the ugly and negative in something, and transforming it into something beautiful. Aquarius is a very humble, accepting sign, and they have an ability to recognize the good in the bad. This stone will be especially helpful for them to aid them in creating beauty and harmony around them. It allows them to find and accept their own inner beauty, and the beauty in others.

                        Recommended Items:

                        • Single Crown Ring
                        • Asymmetrical Cuff
                        • Turquoise and Red Coral Circle Asymmetrical Ring
                        • Coral V neck Necklace 



                          Pisces energy field is like a sponge. They pick up all the energies around them and it enters their energy field. Turquoise is a cleansing stone, so it will clean up their aura from all the negative toxic influences they have been exposed to. Turquoise allows them to transmute the energies they pick up into words and communicate the divine word to others. It increases positive thinking and serenity.

                          Turquoise allows you to come to a self realization, and to understand how you fit in with the universe. This is also a good psychic stone, and it does wonders for staying connected in friendships and relationships. If you and your friend or partner both wear a turquoise when you are together the stones can help to strengthen your bond. It aids in developing your personal power, and to resolve negative habits.

                          Recommended Items:

                          • Arc Stud Earrings
                          • Arc ring
                          • Beam ring
                          • Crown Necklace