Jewelry Care + Materials


  • Bronze: Our favorite metal. Bronze has an attractive golden-brown hue, subdued luster and a vintage charm. That being said it will naturally darken and does need to be cleaned.
  • 18k Gold Plate: A strong coat of Rhodium + 14k gold has been electroplated over Bronze or Sterling Silver. 
  • Sterling Silver: Silver will last forever. It will naturally darken and does need to be cleaned. All of our silver pieces are sterling silver along with all of our earring posts. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • My ears are sensitive, can I wear your earrings?

All of our earring posts are hypoallergenic Sterling Silver posts - If they are Solid Gold, than the posts are also solid gold. 

  • Will your rings make my fingers turn green?

Everyone does react differently to metal. We do offer every piece in Sterling Silver + Solid Gold. 

Cleaning & Product Care:

Although its completely natural for metals such as Bronze & Sterling Silver to oxidize over time, these are the preventative measures you can take to ensure longevity for your piece.

  • Use a soft polishing cloth to bring out shine.

  • Avoid harsh chemicals such as cleaning products, bathing products etc.

  • Overall, we suggest to take it off and store in safe place - especially when sleeping, exercising, cooking, going to the beach etc to ensure longevity.