Studio Grun is proudly nickel free and our gold plated jewelry should hold its plating for years if the wearer takes proper care of the piece. That means no lotion, oils and perfume.

    -With gold plated rings, be sure to remove them when washing your hands, using any products, and using household chemicals.

    -When doing any activities that add additional friction to your hands, such as gardening, using work out equipment, sports, we recommend removing your rings.

*Please note, if eligible, we do offer re-plating services with a re-plating fee.

    Studio Grun uses gold filled chain on the majority of our necklace styles. Gold filled is an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal. Gold filled is not to be confused with gold plating and for that reason it is slightly more expensive than plated or vermeil jewelry, but should not be confused with solid gold jewelry. 
    Silver tarnishes a bit quicker. If you consistently wear your silver jewelry, it will prevent any patina. We suggest a jewelry polishing cloth to restore your piece back to it's shine. 

  • OPALS:

    Ethiopian opals are porous, which cause them to be very sensitive - please do not wear your opal jewelry during physical activities, using any household cleaners, showering and swimming. Opals are very soft and delicate and require a bit more attention and care than the majority of the stones we use (ie, black onyx).

    -Please avoid submerging opals from water (ie, showers, pool, beach, sweat from athletic activities)

    -Store your opal jewelry in a sealed plastic bag to protect it from humidity.

Here are a few helpful care tips to keep your jewelry looking its best:

  • Remove your jewelry when applying sprays, perfumes, oils, lotions, showering, exercising and swimming.
  • To store, keep your pieces in a jewelry box or polybag when not being worn. This prevents light and oxygen from tarnishing and oxidization.
Be sure to follow these guidelines & it will help preserve the finish on your SG pieces.
  • FAQ:
  1. My ears are sensitive, can I wear your earrings?
    All of our earring posts are hypoallergenic Sterling Silver posts - If the piece you purchase  are solid Gold, then the posts are also solid gold. 
  2. Do you offer a re-plating service?
    We do! You can find our repair services here, for an economical fee, we can re-plate any of your pieces. Please reach out to shop@studiogrun.com for any questions.
      • CARE:
        Although its completely natural for metals, such as sterling silver, to oxidize over time, these are the preventative measures you can take to ensure longevity for your piece.
      1. Use a soft polishing cloth to bring out shine.
      2. Avoid harsh chemicals such as cleaning products, bathing products etc.
      3. Overall, we suggest to take it off and store in safe place - especially when sleeping, exercising, cooking, going to the beach etc to ensure longevity.